Subtle in the Short Suit!

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Only.

Short Suit: MHQ The Apparel Store.

Graphic T-shirt: Zara.

Watch: Spring Field.

Bracelets: Amazon.

Ballerinas: Local Brand in Bangkok.

As much as I love my casuals, formals are something, I try to keep getting my hands on every now and then! If you know me or follow me on my Instagram you’d know that I’m not much into formals but short suits are something I’ve been wanting to own since forever now and I finally found one at the flea market, in the latest collection of the “MHQ The Apparel Store”, yay!

What I personally love about the entire look is that it is, super chilled out and airy but yet at the same time, has a slight touch of poise and elegance and to put a cherry on the top, the peach color is just adding a whole lot of extra comfort element to the look!
One more thing I love about this piece is that it’s such a brilliantly designed outfit, where in you get two different garments which you can wear separately depending on the occasion, the suit for a formal meeting or any work event and the pair or shorts for just a casual day out with friends, and yet when worn together makes a great formal ensemble too!

I’ve gone for a basic graphic tee, to make it a little more casual and tucked it to give it a more laid back look! For the footwear I stuck to my classic peach ballerinas and to accessorize the look slightly, I chose to add bracelets and my favorite striped watch! To complete the look, haha obviously I have to add a pair of shades, so I’ve gone for my all black club masters!

Also before ending the blog I’d really appreciate if you go check out this store online, @mhqtheapparelstore on Instagram, I’m sure you’d love it as much as I did! They have amazing designs which are very budget friendly!

I hope this helped you in anyway and if I did make sure you hit like on my blog, comment what you thought about this and follow me here and on my Instagram, my handle is @styleofthesubtle and come join the SOTS family!
Until next time.

Sakshi Shah.

Short Suit: MHQ The Apparel Store.
Bracelets: Amazon.
Shades: Only.
Graphic T-shirt: Zara.
Ballerinas: Local Brand in Bangkok.

25 thoughts on “Subtle in the Short Suit!

  1. Elegant 😍😍 this looks suits your personality 😘😘Beauty lies in simplicity and is eternal.Now get tempted and exchange it into something like this 😋😋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very very stylish, love ur attitude, everything suits you to another level. Waiting for or more looks which make you look different


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