Lets go, RETRO!

Outfit details:

Baker boy hat: H&M.

Earrings: Local market in Jaipur.

T-shirt: H&M.

Trousers: shein.com

Block Heels: Local market in Mahableshwar.

No matter how much we update ourselves, we always come back to our roots time and again! This look, as the name suggests is a retro inspired look that I’ve gone for, and by far has to be my personal favorite!  

Talking about the 90’s fashion, it is too vast a subject to cover in just one outfit! Hence, I’ve chosen to recreate this look which is typically more of a 1970’s attire! I’ve gone for a very minimalistic and work appropriate ensemble. 

Keeping the look very simple, I’ve gone for a white full sleeve body hugging T-shirt, with a jewel neck, which was a very prominent feature at that time. The T-shirt also has a black uneven frilly lining at the end of the sleeves which gives it a slight touch of elegance. For the bottoms, I’ve chosen high waisted flared trousers, which compliments the white top and balances the whole look! The pants are too detailed with a single pleat running right across the centre, which again was a very prominent feature back then.

For the accessories, pearl earrings was something every woman of that decade owned, so I chose to go ahead with the same. Hats too were a very notable possession those days, but for that I’ve added a little modernized touch to the get-up and gone for a baker boy hat, which according to me is a game changer and obviously has to be my favorite part of the whole look. For the feet I’ve stuck to my basic black peep-toe block heels and summed up the whole look! 

For the makeup I’ve gone very subtle, as usual hahah, light eye make up with a thin stroke of eyeliner, a little blush to enhance my cheek bones and to finish the look, a red bold lip and you’re good to go! 

Besides being a retro, I feel like this is so wearable even in today’s date. Also keeping in mind, that winter is on its way, you can wear it to work, meetings or college  and be so comfortable yet so chic! All in all, for me this would definitely be my best option if I were ever running late for any formal event as it is so fine, elegant and classic! 

All the 90’s readers out there, do let me know if y’all could relate to this and if it was helpful! I would love to recreate more such looks! Do let me know what you think about this look, in the comment section down below and hit like button and follow my blog, until next time.


Sakshi Shah.

35 thoughts on “Lets go, RETRO!

  1. U look amazingly stunning 😍. The write up is as amazing as ur look is.👌👌👌💥 Wanting more and more of ur looks. 💞 Each look makes you look more beautiful🔥. God bless you and may you achieve the best in life 👍👍

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  2. The baker boy hat is a clever twist and puts it all togather. The write up sums up the detailed thought process behind ensemble and makes one appreciate it even more. I admire your creativity and want to see a lot more of it in the future.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Truly said there is more fun in starting a trend..it seems you are the one who is going to be a trendsetter.
    Sakshi you are stunning with your look’s as well with your thoughts..
    Keep up the good work..

    Liked by 2 people

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