When in Goa!

The word, ‘Thalassophile’ was probably made for people like  me who are madly in love with the sea, and hence, I’m always up for any vacation that involves  a beach, just like this one! Beaches have been my  paradise on land ever since my childhood and Goa has undoubtedly been my favorite, no matter how many times I’ve come.

If you’re one that keeps up with me on Instagram,  you’d probably know that I’ve been in Goa for the last three days now! So I thought of sharing, my experiences with all you lovely people out there! Starting from all my looks in the trip, to where I stayed, what all places I visited and so on.

My first look was the most comfortable outfit, my airport look, as most people would call it hahaha! I wore a black jumper with black basic leggings, paired it with my black hexagonal shades and keeping the all black theme in mind, for the footwear I chose to go with black sneakers and to accessorize the look, chosen my black watch . To add a little twist to the whole look, I’ve used the denim jacket, as a flannel to complete the look!

Whenever I am travelling I need little travel handbag to store all my everyday essentials, thus here, I have chosen a very simple round bag and a sturdy silver four-wheeler, both are super convenient and travel friendly!

This time we decided to stay with the Accor Group of hotels, in the Novotel Goa Shrem Resort, which is on the main Candolim Road, and is about a kilometer away from the beach! The property, itself gives a very fresh vibe and gets you into the holiday mood. 

The first day was a little tiring, as we were travelling most of  the time and hence couldn’t explore much that day but we did go to the famous ‘shacks’ , at the Candolim beach. I kept my outfit very breezy and casual, since it was going to be a late evening on a beach, so I chose to wear a dark green, sleeveless floral jump suit! At first I didn’t put in any efforts for the accessorize the look but after going to  the beach I bought a yellow electric bow shaped hair band, which contrasted well with my look, from a local vendor thus, summing up the entire look! 

The second day for me started in the most beautiful way possible as we spent our entire morning on the Calangute beach, playing with the waves!  The outfit had to be one of my personal favorites because it was so so so boho and extremely budget friendly. I wore an over-sized black dress, with some Bohemian embroidery on the neckline. For a change I did not go minimal with the accessories! For the head I wore a two sided red bandana, and obviously I had to add a pair of sunglasses, so chose second pair of hexagonal sunglasses with a golden rim, that matched perfectly with my golden statement earrings! To  complete the look I went for ocher sandals and to add the slight Goa-ish touch, once again, I purchased a silver bohemian anklet from a street vendor, to complete the look! The outfit in all was very beach appropriate.

The second outfit too is something that I am very proud of, hahaha because once again I managed to put up a very elegant and edgy outfit  on a very low budget! I went for a black and white, knot-up printed crop top, with a round frill detail at the sleeve, I paired that up with black basic shorts to balance the look. To give the entire look an indo-western touch, I accessorized the look with oxidized silver earrings and to complete the look, I’ve gone for my black, flat, oval sunglasses. This  outfit according to me is perfect to spend an evening at a coffee shop!

Day three, practically started off by going for lunch to Taj Vivanta Holiday Village! We had lunch at Caravela, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant situated just by the beach side.

Here, I went for a very petite and feminine look. I paired up a white off shoulder flowy top, with basic black leggings to keep the look very effortless. For the accessories I chose a stripped wired bandana and  my favorite delicate hexagonal earrings. For the feet I chose to plain ocher shoes, which complimented the entire look perfectly.

These were basically my looks in Goa, for the first three days! Hope you guys like it, since I have tried to create very stylish looks, each under a very low budget. I have tried something new this time, do let me know what you guys think of it and which was your favorite look, in the comment section down below! Also, do not forget to hit that like button and follow my blog! Until next time.


Sakshi Shah.

23 thoughts on “When in Goa!

  1. Loved ur looks, my personal favorite is the black dress on the beach, makes you look veryyyy stylish and comfortable and of course pretty as usual
    Waiting for more to come soon

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow Sakshi. You look amazing. I can’t choose any one all are my favourite. You look good in all of them. Keep it going. All the best. Waiting for the next one

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sak I don’t know if suddenly Goa looks more beautiful or is it you carrying it on your style quotient. Great looks, cool pics, relaxed atmos, keep EM coming. Cheers

    Liked by 2 people

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