Monochrome mix-match!

Hey guys! So winter is finally coming to an end and here I am with one last winter look. Also, if too are from Mumbai and are experiencing winter for the first time ahahaha, then this attire is definitely something you want to wear on cool chilly day, to make you feel sufficiently warm! 

Basically what I’ve done for this attire, is paired up a white on white outfit with a little pop of color and texture here and there to switch from work wear to laid-back and relaxed type of look! 

I chose to pair up, a slightly loose white full sleeves knitwear top, from Forever 21 and paired it with a white denim skirt, from Lulu and Sky. This can also individually be worn, so for the feet I’ve gone for my holographic heels, from H&M and kept the accessories minimal by just going for white framed cat-eyed shades from Shein, keeping the monochrome theme in mind! 

You can literally just add a stole or shawl, to make it look more put-together. Here I’ve added this pink and red woolen shawl, which I actually picked up from the kids’ section in Zara. This just adds a little pop of colour and breaks the whole monochromatic theme. For the feet I’ve continued with my same holographic heels from H&M as the compliment the shawl really well! 

Another way to make this very college or school appropriate is, by just layering! I’ve chosen my red over-sized denim jacket from Zara, from the TRF collection and folded the sleeve of my white sweatshirt. I personally love the concept of color blocking and this according to me, is a perfect example.

I’ve just thrown over a one shoulder chequered green and white bag and changed my foot wear to silver oxfords, from C&A to give it a very student kind of vibe! I’ve tied my hair into a half bun and worn my favorite black hexagon Raybans, to round up the whole look! 

This was how you can wear two garments in three totally different ways. If you found this helpful and recreate any of these looks, don’t forget to share the pictures with me on my Instagram. Do let me know what you think about these looks, in the comment section down below and hit like button and follow my blog, until next time.


Sakshi Shah.

43 thoughts on “Monochrome mix-match!

  1. Ur style makes anyone want to dress up like you. Love the way you style up each thing. Looks so pretty and the efforts taken by you are shown to the core. U look beautiful, as ever, pretty dainty SAKSHI 😍💞. Keep up the good work and waiting for more to come 🎉🎊

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  2. Way to go !!! To upcoming fashion blogger….. Fresh writing and creative !!! All the best Looking forward for more updates!!!! Glad u follow Ur passion !!!

    Liked by 2 people

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