Encouraging Indian Fashion around the world, with Ajio!

Hey guys! I know it’s been the longest time since I’ve put up something on my blog but that was it. So firstly, thank you all for staying and being so patient with me! Now, that being said, finally here I am talking about something I’ve been super excited for months now and this blog is super special to my heart because I’m counting this as my little contribution to our very own, ‘Indian Culture’.

If you guys don’t know already, I’ve been in Belgium for the last two weeks now and I decided to wear these three beautiful Indian and semi-cultural garments, by Ajio, which I will be sharing with you guys in this blog!

The first dress was this orange baandhni maxi dress, which I wore in my trip to Bruges! Now most of y’all who know my personal style, must have figured out that I love breezy and colourful clothes.

I just love everything about this dress, the pastel colour, the shaded patch work, the flair, my favourite detail of them all, the baandhni and to top it all up the comfort! This dress is perfect for summers and the fall of it, just adds to its beauty. To give this dress my little touch, I just threw over another baandhni duppatta, which of a little darker shade.


The second one was this A-line mustard yellow bohemian tiered dress that I wore on a day trip to Brussels! This dress was the accurate combination of my favourite style with my favourite colour and again super wearable and breathable. It’s a simple, casual and easy going this dress is. This too makes for an amazing outfit on a hot day and I love how the woven detail on the yoke, is just giving the right amount of contrast and pop of colour.

The third and the last piece I’m talking about is a kalamkari / block print blue kurta set, with Buddha prints on the top and tapered pants. This was something I have never seen anyone before and that was the reason I was super excited to wear this.


Wearing this in a country out of India gave me such an immense feeling of pride, it’s almost unexplainable! This was a print on print set, as you can see in the picture and has to be one of the most different types of things I own in my wardrobe hahaha! This makes a very good formal look and would go for any Indian function as well too!  I love how they have used only two prints in the whole ensemble, which could have looked so monotonous, but here because of the smart play of patches looks so aesthetically pleasing.

It was such a great feeling to wear these Indian outfits in a place with a whole new and different culture. It felt so good to see people turning their heads and smiling looking at these amazing Indian beauties and appreciating our Indian Fashion. Lastly, I feel so so so immensely proud to be a part of a country with such a varied, exotic and authentic culture.

These were the three things that I got from Ajio and I have left a link to the first and last outfits under the pictures in case you want to get one for yourself too. If you do then do not forget to send me a picture on Instagram @styleofthesubtle . I was not able to find a link to the mustard yellow dress, but you can check their website out for more similar styles.

I hope you guys liked this blog with a new little twist! Please don’t forget to like, share, comment and follow! Also, follow me on Instagram and come let’s make the SOTS family bigger! Until next time,


Sakshi Shah.

32 thoughts on “Encouraging Indian Fashion around the world, with Ajio!

  1. How do you look so pretty in anything that you wear 😍. Each outfit outstands the other 💞. God bless you for your fashion sense and ur presentations. U tend to standout each time. Luv you loads 😘💓

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  2. Outstanding fashion sense and ur presentations makes them even more attractive 😘. God bless you 🎉. May u get better and better with each blog 💞

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sakshi you look so pretty in all 3 dresses. What a unique way to express your love towards Indian culture through Fashion.
    Keep up the great work 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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