Encouraging Indian Fashion around the world, with Ajio!

Hey guys! I know it’s been the longest time since I’ve put up something on my blog but that was it. So firstly, thank you all for staying and being so patient with me! Now, that being said, finally here I am talking about something I’ve been super excited for months now and this blog … Continue reading Encouraging Indian Fashion around the world, with Ajio!

My shoot with “Style Fiesta” !

Hey guys! So it’s been forever since I released a blog, the reason being, I have been creating content related mostly garments and entire outfits. Hence, I wanted this one to be really different. Also I wanted to share a good news real quick with my entire SOTS family which is, recently I had my … Continue reading My shoot with “Style Fiesta” !

All about the Blues!

Outfit Details: Kurta: Utsa by Westside. Cape: Zubiya. https://www.instagram.com/zubiya_com/ Stole: Hathipol market, Udaipur. Pants: Lulu and Sky. https://www.luluandsky.com/raw-feelings-blue-cropped-denims Earrings: Colaba Causeway. Glasses: Cartier. Charm Bracelets: Snob box. Sling Bag: H&M. Mule Shoes: Hill Road, Bandra. Hey guys! It’s been really long since I’ve posted something and since I’m posting after so long, I wanted it … Continue reading All about the Blues!